Photo Repair

It may be possible that there is nothing that was really wrong with the original photo, but you see a way to improve on the shot by using a few photo repairs. In the case of the photo above, you may see the two individual photographs and think how much better the shots would have been if the two people had been together.

Photo Restoration

This example of photo restoration is of a good photograph that just needs a photo touch up to give a newer, fresher look. The original photo had several discolorations, and what appear to be water spots that are marring the image.

Photo Touch Up

When you can combine two good photos in a creative way you have the chance to create something that is much more than the individual photos were by themselves. What it requires is a willingness to look beyond the photo as it is and envision what it could become using photo restoration and Photo touch up skills.

Doctor Photo restoration for all your photo repair needs

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We believe that by showing you actual before and after examples from our customers together with their comments, it will give you a better idea of the vast range of requests we receive. We also show numerous examples of photo restoration, photo repair, photo gifts, photo touch ups and much more in our browser categories'.  Within these different groups you can click on the photos to see a larger image and description

Doctor Photo specialises in almost every field of photo restoration and photo repair. Below we can see how photo manipulation can be used to produce the perfect family photo. In this example we can see that the customer had two photos but wanted the whole family on one. Over the years I have found this to be quite common as cameras never used to have timers on them, so mum or dad would normally be missing from the photo. Fortunately nowadays with digital technology and the ability to doctor photos with photo software, all these missing mums and dads can now be slotted back into the photo. As you can see in some cases the photo can even be improved with the addition of colour, although I would not recommend this for every photo, I have always felt that some photos were meant to remain in black and white or sepia.

Most photo restoration requests we receive are similar to the example shown below where we have an old but treasured photo that has been carried for many years in a wallet or gone through some other major trauma. You may think that your photo is quite simply beyond photo repair, and it may well be, but it won't cost you anything to find out. We will get an answer back to you very quickly or as with most cases, if your photo can be repaired then we will fix it and send you a sample with absolutely no commitment to purchase. If you're not happy then you have lost nothing but a bit of time.

You may have a photo that has been torn in several pieces or damaged photos that have been scratched, crumbled or stained. Using modern technology and a skilled technician it is possible to rectify all these problems and much more. Photo restoration and photo repair techniques now offer you the opportunity to turn black and white to colour. This procedure is known as colourising and is normally requested after we carry out the basic repairs to your photo.

One of our most popular requests is to fix old or damaged photos, but why stop there? Once we have repaired and brought your old photo back to life we can go on to create perfect personalised photo gift or anniversary gift. This type of photo restoration or photo repair is usually requested for a special occasion, such as a 50th wedding anniversary gift or to commemorate a past or loved one. With wording of your choice these can be extremely beautiful, thoughtful and unique, especially when presented on a large photo frame.
Our photo restoration and photo repair process also offers a photo touch up service, which you may want to use for transforming a normal photo into something quite special, or to use our image enhancement techniques to highlight a particular object or person.
You may have beautiful photos of your family or children but on separate pictures; if so why not send them all to Doctor Photo? Using our software skills we will combine them to make a family collage by placing each person on a background of your choice (or leave the background to us). This is known generally as add and remove and need not be restricted to people, as you may wish to do the same with your pets. We can create realistic photos that you would find extremely difficult to capture on camera. Photo restoration and photo repair now makes this all possible.

Wedding photos is another popular request; there is always a favourite picture of the bride and groom but not always on the same photo. Using our skills with photo restoration software techniques we can place the happy couple on any background (most popular is the honeymoon location). Once enlarged and framed you will have something quite attractive and unique to hang on your wall. We take a great deal of pride in the work that we do and pay meticulous attention to detail. It would be false advertising to say that we can carry out a photo repair on every photo we receive or satisfy every customer; however by using doctor photo you will see the results prior to any financial commitment.
So why not give our photo restoration and photo repairs a try? After all, if you don't like what you see then you don't have to pay.

Who we are?

Hello and welcome to Doctor Photo

My name is Jim and I am the founder and owner of Doctor Photo. I have always had an interest in photography and in particular photo restoration and repairing old photos. It all started as a hobby some 13 years ago and I am now trying to develop that hobby into an ever expanding business.

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Digital Restoration

As the years pass, photos that were taken to capture a moment in time can become damaged or faded. You could have this type of photograph yourself. It could be a picture from your childhood, or a picture that you got from a parent or grandparent. With today’s digital restoration technology, these pictures can be repaired, and in many cases brought back to their original condition.

Damaged Photos

Some photos can become unsightly through everyday use or handling but more often than not it is elements such as direct sunlight that will cause fading through time. Sometimes this may occur to just one part of the photo that has had more exposure to the sunlight than the rest. These type of photos can normally be rectified quite quickly as it is usually a case of contrast or colour enhancement that is required and a few touch ups here and there.

Photo Gifts

You may wish to commemorate your loved ones that have passed; We can create something special to take pride and place on your mantle or wall.

Photo Repair

If you have a collection of photographs, there is a good chance that at least one of them has one or two things in them that keep them from being as good as you would like. It could be that one of the people blinked as the photo was being taken, or a child making an unnecessary hand gesture. Whatever the problem is, it is a distraction from an otherwise beautiful picture. The good news is with today’s technology it is possible with photo repairs to add, alter or remove, etc. any undesirable portions of your photograph.

Photo Restoration

Photo restoration is becoming increasingly popular. While in the past a damaged photo was usually moved to a storage box or discarded completely, modern digital photo technology has provided a way to take those old photos and bring them back to life.

Photo Touch Up

Are you the type of person that has the desire to do more with your photo collection? You have a lot of great pictures, and you would like to do something with them, but you just do not know what that might be. Fortunately by using photo touch up skills, there are a lot of possibilities for people with artistic and other creative ideas.